Dr Hassan Asadzadeh Dahraei B.A. M.A. Ph.D

Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Psychology and Assessment

Faculty of Psychology and Education

Allameh Tabataba'i University Tehran, I. R. Iran




(1) Diploma in Economical Studies, Khoda Parast High School, Gourabzarmikh, Soumehsara, Iran, 1987.

(2) BA in Education, Educational Technology, The University of Allameh Tabataba’i, Iran, 1991.

(3) MA in Education, Curriculum Planning, The University of Allameh Tabataba’i, Iran, 1994.

(4) PhD in Education, Educational Psychology, The University of Birmingham, UK, 2002.


Theses supervisor:    95

 Theses Advisor:         106

 Theses Referee:     ±  60 

* English Editor for 5 Journals  


Publications in English:

16- Hajiarbabi, F., Ahadi, H., Delavar, A., Asadzadeh, H. (2011) Activity-Based Training (Computer Games) and Its Effect on Academic Performance of Learned Helplessness Students, 4th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovations, 14-16 November, 2011, Madrid, Spain.


15- Khademi; H. S; Alizadeh, H.; Asadzadeh, H. (2011) the survey and comparative between correlation in working memory and false memory in students who with and without ADHD, 3rd International Congress on ADHD from Childhood to adult Disease, 26 -29 May 2011, Berlin, Germany. 


14- Karimi, Qu.,  Jomehri, F., Asadzadeh, D. H. & Sohrabi, F. (2012) Consequences of Conflict between Work and Family among Iranian  Female Teachers , Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research , 2 (2) 1869-1875.ISI


13- Toulabi, Saeed, Shokri, Omid, Farahani, Mohammad Taghi, Asadzadeh, H., Moradi, Alireza (2009) Study of the effect of cognitive exhaustion and working memory on cognitive problem solving in female and male college students,  abstract book, 3rd international conference of cognitive science, 3-5 March 2009, Tehran, Iran. 


12- Riding, R. J., Grimley, M., Asadzadeh Dahraei, H. & Banner, G. (2003) "Cognitive Style, Working Memory  and Learning Behaviour and Learning Attainment in School Subjects", British Journal of Educational Psychology, 73 (Part 2), 149 -169.ISI


11- Grimley, M., Asadzadeh Dahraei. H., Riding, R. J. (2008) The relationship between anxiety stability, working memory and cognitive style. Educational Studies, 34 (3), 213-223. ISI


10- Shaterian, M. F., Asadzadeh, D. H., (2011) Testing the mediating  role of teachers’ self-efficacy beliefs in the relationship between sources  of efficacy information and  students  achievement, Asia Pacific Eduction Review.


9- Shaterian, M. F., Asadzadeh, D. H., Ahadi, H. & Jomehri, F. (2011) Testing Bandura’s theory in school, International Conference on Education and Educational Psychology (ICEEPSY). 10–13 Oct. 2012, Istanbul, Turkey, Procedial Social and Behavioral Sciences, 12 (2011), pp. 426-435. Full paper available online at www.sciencedirect.com.


8- Shaterian, M. F., Asadzadeh, D. H., Ahadi, H. & Jomehri, F. (2011) Testing Bandura’s four sources of efficacy information model: The mediating role of teachers’ self-efficacy beliefs on students' academic achievement, European Journal of Teacher Education, no 2, (17), pp. 8-20.  


7-Yarahmadi, Y., Asadzadeh, D. H., Ahadi, H., & Banijamali, Sh. (2011) A motivational model of rural students’ intention to persist in versus drop out of secondary school in Sanandaj city (Iran), GESJ: Education Sciences and Psychology, no 2, (17), pp. 8-20.


6- Mahdian, H., Asadzadeh, D. H., Shahbani, H., Ahadi, H., Ahghar, Gh., & Seadatee Shamir, A. (2011) the role of invitational education and intelligence beliefs in academic performance, Journal of Invitational Theory and Practice, no 2, (17), pp. 8-20.


5- Riding, R. J., Asadzadeh Dahraei, H., Grimley, M & Banner, G. (2001) "Working Memory, Cognitive Style and Academic Attainment", in R. Nata (Ed.) PROGRESS IN EDUCATION volume 5, New York: Nava Science Publishers, Inc.


4- Asadzadeh, H (2001) Cognitive style, Working memory and Academic Achievement. Paper presented at "the 8th Iranian Students Seminar in Europe" UMIST, Manchester, United Kingdom.


3- Asadzadeh, H. (2006) “the Role of Working Memory in Teaching and Learning Performance”. 26th international congress of applied psychology. Athens, Greece.


2- Asadzadeh, H. (2007) Working Memory and Learning Performance: an Iranian Based Research, 13th conference on developmental psychology, Jena Germany.


1- Asadzadeh, H. (2001) Cognitive style, Working Memory and Academic Achievement. Paper presented at "the 8th Iranian Students Seminar in Europe" UMIST, Manchester, United Kingdom.


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